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As a human geographer who is passionate about human connections and connecting interesting people to interesting experiences, myself included, I am also driven by shattering the single-story narrative about Africa; and upend the travel show and travel writing genre, telling compelling and complicated stories about people and places most Western viewers tend to view through a lens of simplistic stereotypes or caricatures. Even more important is to ensure that our trips are not relegated to obscurity. Hence, we collate and cross pollinate between experiences that focus more on immersive cultural experiences, history and stories of the diverse cultures, people, historical landmarks and civilizations that were deliberately intended to make African history and civilizations fall into obscurity. Born from a fuel passion for authentic storytelling and my contagious and inveterate passion for culture, food, travel, and adventure, I hope that as you explore journeys with us and immerse yourself into the places, people, and stories you will get to know the real Africa and perhaps get a shift in perspective.

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