Büchen, Schleswig Holstein
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Hello, my name is Henning and I´m the general manager of Klotz + Voelckers in Germany. Our company produces styrofoam packaging. In order to get the company more sustainable I thought about what can we do. Because recycling in Germany is quite good already (even it could be far better) and because the influence we can take on the recycling of our goods is very limited we focused on our emissions. Therefore we implemented an energy management system, in cooperation with our industrial association we are part of Operation Clean Sweep, we use 100% green electricity and we wanted to sequester all unavoidable CO2 emissions. I found Eden Reforestation Projects on the internet and from the first moment on I loved the project. The idea to support the poorest people in the world by giving them jobs and planting trees against our emissions is absolutely great. And what can I say... mission accomplished within one year! 100.000 trees planted! Many thanks to the whole team of Edenprojects great job and perfect support but especially to the workers. Thank you all for your efforts to keep our planet worth living! You ask yourself what you can do to get your business more sutainable? Well do what we did. "That's only one small step for a company but all together one giant leap for mankind" and the good thing about it, it´s no rocket sience. So let´s go TOGETHER AGAINST POVERTY AND CLIMATE CHANGE!

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